Freshman Survival Night

This event is for students who want to know how to adjust to UAM. We invite all students to hang out, but we purposefully gear this event to cater to freshmen. Join us this Friday night, August 24, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. for some great BBQ and fun. Johnny Roach

Freshman Lunch

Attention all incoming UAM freshmen. The BCM has organized a lunch for incoming freshmen to get to know a little about each other and about our organization. We will meet at Ray's Restaurant at noon this Friday, August 10. The BCM will pay for lunch. Afterwards we will travel to

Leadership Team and Band Applications

Lead Team and Band applications can be found under the "Leadership" section of Scroll to the bottom of the page and simply click on the links. This will automatically open Word documents containing the different applications. I hope everyone is having a terrific summer. See you soon.